Parenting or sometimes also known as Child-Rearing is the most difficult long tiring and continuous process of encouraging, supporting the emotional, physical, intellectual development as well as social needs of a child from the day they are born till they are adults. 

It does not require that you must be biologically related to the child. 

  • A full-time Job
  • What are the types of parenting?
  • What is good parenting?
  • How does good parenting affect a child?
  • What is poor parenting?
  • How Can Financial Issues Affect Parenting?
  • What happens if you don’t discipline your child?

A Full-Time Job

Unlike any other job, where you work certain hours only and your responsibility is limited to the extent of your work. Parenting is way different than that. You are required to be committed 24/7, from the day child is born, or they come into your custody till they are adults and mature. Some Parents might even think their responsibilities never end and they remain worried about their children till their death. 

What are the types of Parenting Styles?

There are mainly 6 types of Parenting Styles. Each style is different from the other and has its special characteristics. The ultimate goal of parenting is to be a good parent and raise your children to bring the best in them in terms of moral values and character.

  • Authoritarian Style
  • Attachment Style
  • Permissive Style
  • Free-range Style
  • Helicopter Style
  • Neglectful Style

What is Good Parenting?

It is a difficult question to answer because you do not have any set rules to measure the success of being a Good or Bad parent. To some, if your child turns to be successful in their life, means you are a Good Parent and did your job well. 

Some people consider and measure Good Parenting for Moral Values and Character in their offsprings. To them, the yard of measurement is not a financial success ut a good character.   

How does Good Parenting affect a child?

Children are very sensitive and learn everything by observing and seeing.

Their first interactions with the world begin with their parents. How parents communicate verbally as well as nonverbally plays a vital role in building the character in a child. How their parents interact with each other, the rest of the family, and with the rest of the world shape their children. No one consciously teaches bad habits, such as to cheat, lie, or steal, etc to their children. But a child in a non-healthy environment may pick up these bad habits and pollute their innocent minds.

What is Poor Parenting?

 As its name, Poor Parenting refers to where the children are not properly treated in terms of basic as well as emotional and social needs. They can also be referred to as Unfit Parents and the government may intervene to take away the child custody. 

Poor Parenting is closer to Neglectful Parenting but there could be logical reasons behind it. For example, the parent to be working 2 or 3 jobs at the same time to cover and provide basic needs at the table. Therefore leading no or very limited time to attend the proper time required for Child-Rearing. 

This leads to our next point that “How can Financial Issues Affect Parenting?”

How Can Financial Issues Affect Parenting?

Realistically speaking, life doesn’t always go as planned, and challenges along the way hinder and make things more difficult. Financial issues can affect parenting and other conditions that tend to be associated take a cost on parenting and impact their parenting. 

It is obvious that when a parent is working 2 or 3 jobs just to cover the living cost, then they will have less or no time to attend to the children’s emotional and social needs that are required by any child. 

Providing food and shelter is the most important duty for any parent but it is not the ingredient of good parenting. Children need their parents to support them emotionally. For example, attend a parent-teacher meeting, emotionally support them when they are feeling lonely, or having a social crisis. 

What happens if you don’t Discipline your child?

Disciplining your child is the most important part of Child-Rearing. Disciplining does not mean that you should shout, spank, and lose your temper all the time.

It is a continuous job where you are monitoring your child all the time and they will test your limits. An energetic child will always keep you on your toes, and you will be at the point where you lose your temper. 

The main objective of Disciplining a child is to make them understand what they did wrong. If a child does not know how to differentiate between right or wrong then in his future life he/she will have serious consequences in his upcoming life. 


The ultimate goal of Parenting is to raise their children to the best of their abilities within their resources. Parents want to give their best from the beginning by providing better nutrition, better education, sometimes dream of their future careers, and buildup strong expectations. 

They must also understand that every human being is born with his/her personality, character, and temperaments. Parents must also consider these factors while child-rearing. They should not force their children to pursue a certain career. Their job is to provide a safe, caring, and loving environment where their children can flourish and become better human beings. 


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